Computer viruses have been a common term for all computer users. However, while the daily use of the computer, do you really know how to remove computer viruses when you suffer from these terrible unexpected intruders?
In fact, if you read this article, and learn some basic knowledge about computer viruses, you should know several ways to remove them manually or automatically. They simply are not that bad. Get rid of viruses now!
Do you have a computer virus?
If you suspect you may have a computer virus, please confirm first. Common symptoms of a virus-compromised are: computer running very slow, popping up with many unknown errors, constantly showing ads windows, PC random reboots or blue screen error, etc. In a word, a committed team works only abnormally. If any of the above happens, your computer probably infected by viruses. So do not worry. Rest assured you can also fix your computer virus itself.
How to automatically delete viruses?
The fastest and easiest way to remove a computer virus is to run antivirus software. In short, you need a removal tool to protect the equipment installed.

1. Close all running processes. Before running the antivirus software, make sure you have saved and closed all running programs, files, or any other application. This is because most antivirus software requires a restart of the PC to disable any process of computer viruses. Run a scan on your computer with antivirus software. Eliminate the virus detected.

2. Update your antivirus software. To catch up with the latest virus spread, antivirus software should always have a good update of its database of virus definitions from time to time. Therefore, before running the virus removal tool, see the first update virus definitions.

3. Detect and remove viruses. Run antivirus its antivirus software to detect computer viruses and other malicious computer threats. Next, remove the detected viruses and other malware.
How to manually remove computer virus?

It is generally good and is easy to automatically eliminate computer viruses or other malicious computer with a virus removal tool. However, some people might get the idea to do both with the elimination of computer viruses automatically and manual! Well, it's a good idea. If you also want to know the way for a manual removal of viruses, you can try the following manual steps:

1. Remove suspicious programs in Add / Remove Programs
Most computer viruses are intruding on your computer with spyware, so you need to remove suspicious programs on your computer. First, you can start the PC in Safe Mode by pressing F8 while booting your PC. Next, click Start Control Panel Add / Remove Programs. This lists all programs that are installed on your machine. Look for those related to viruses or spyware and remove them. Meanwhile, you can search online for a list of programs corresponding to a particular virus.

2. Delete virus files
The list of files related to a specific virus can be searched via the Internet. Then, you can find these files on your computer and remove them permanently.

3. Remove unnecessary registry entries
The virus adds some registry entries in your system registry when installed on your computer. Once again the search for information from the network and remove these redundant entries to completely eliminate the virus from your computer.
Note: Anyone who wants to address the elimination of manual computer virus must be careful enough to avoid the risk of deleting files and necessary entries.

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