this time could share the experience again and the same for all my friends ..
for this occasion .. I want to experience and also software ..
yaaahh maybe some already know about some topics that I discuss this cal ..
namely about the desktop cube,
yaaapzz .. usually the desktop cube is only available on OS linux only ...
but stelah some time ago had the look of the desktop cube desktop on Windows OS with Dekspace "

Just a little picture of the desktop cube, ie we can view your desktop into 6 display the desktop as well as hand side on the wooden box .. more unique and more ..
each side of this desktop can vary depending on the appearance .. we're running any application ..
as below tmpilan reply Legendary desktop cube on LINUX ..
naaahh kalow in Windows like this tampilanya .. and variations can still be made at will taste ..
live set on the setting dialog box dekspace after selasai install the file ..

to download it click here

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3 Responses to “Desktop Cube In Windows XP SP3, 7 (seven)”

  1. ADMIN CERITA SERU on 27 Oktober 2011 11.27

    Blog dan artikelnya bagus, komentar juga ya ke blog saya

  2. Jual Sprei Murah on 15 Juni 2013 15.49

    mantab gan, tak coba dulu ya... :D

  3. Aussie on 10 Juli 2013 10.21

    cantik banget tampilannya

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