Are you a Windows programmer experience of moving to a Mac or you're really new to programming, you will see how the basic design of the program work Mac OS X, how Objective-C is different from other languages that may have used, and how to resolve in using Xcode development environment. Most importantly, you will see how the elements of the work of Cocoa frameworks: how they can be used to create a window, save data, and respond to users.

If you want to learn how to develop applications with Cocoa and Objective-C, this book is a great first step.
What are you? Will learn basic programming concepts are illustrated with a short, easy to understand examples How to use Xcode and related programming tools basics of Objective-C language and how it compares to others you may know How to make a simple application using the Cocoa framework Who this book is to
Mac users who want to learn programming or Windows developer who moved to the Mac OS and the IOS platform.


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