I think everyone already knows how to install the Alexa toolbar, Alexa Sparky, Alexa Traffic Widgets with the aim of raising-improving Alexa Rank a blog-site. Even the 'may' also have done alexa redirect (example: http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?dotcomcell.com) to complete. Although no clear statistical data or valid to prove it. Want to other and more extreme ways to increase the Alexa Rank? Please follow the following trick a few tips (based on an analysis of experiment and experience some of this month):

1. Renew Blog Posts Articles / Sites to add hyperlinks, images, videos on each of your older articles, and then republish - see how to shoot keyword blog articles.

2. Expand the article on a blog with quality posts (especially about Alexa Rank) - see the logical consequences of writing articles on the blog.

3. Expand Comments on blogs that are at least equal to your blog theme. If you want to receive 'special attention' from the owner of the blog or other commentators, keep your comments 'unique' (example: do not agree with the discussion of another article on-postingkan; if the comment box-linking provides the functionality to add a link to one of your articles ; and others depending on your creations). The more interesting and qualified a comment, increasingly many are curious and would have to your blog. But its consequences, to retain comments of ethics and at least relevant to the topic discussed. because the logarithm of its basic Rank Alexa calculates the amount of traffic visiting

4. Find Your Own Article: Maybe this is rarely done by fellow bloggers (after writing articles directly fisnishing sit). Yuuk us a little kerjakeras, try searching one of the articles of your blog through search engines, with the important keywords that you planted in the article. (Example: if your article about the art and culture of Indonesia, Indonesia try to type in culture or art appears logical). Do not despair if you find the article title link even though you have to look up at the 10 th page of search results, then click into your own article pages. If you wear your wordpress user and SEO Plugin Tagging SearchTerms 2 (STT2), this is very useful really adds inbound links. Do this as often as possible in other articles (do not forget to disable "Save popular search terms as post tags" and "Convert links to search terms into the search page" to avoid Google's Panda or penalty from Google.

5. Most Xtreme way! This in my opinion lhoo: If you ever do a link exchange (to add a backlink on dofollow blogs), this time trying to exchange reviews Alexa by installing a Review Widget on your blog or directly to the dashboard Alexa Alexa review. It's up to how visitors want to write a review for your blog / site. His logic even though Alexa an engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, but basically the conclusion of a visit statistics are 'Consideration of the extent to which the site much in demand.

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