Bowling or rather Ten-Pin Bowling is a sport or a game of accuracy, as well as archery, shooting or throwing darts. Sometimes, indeed often sound strange when a few sports involve physical activity, because we are a sports term, cultivate a body or bodies. But the game is not only limited to cultivate sports, games can involve feelings and thoughts, in addition to physical activity. For example, wooden chess board game dipikirin why? - Or a bridge card that is sometimes also called sport, but more activity involves rotation of the brain are sometimes accompanied by a factor hokkie, uh-emangnya meatball hockey know-and speculation-often referred to as factor-gambling or luck . In essence, sport, sports, games, games and other sports are often focused on physical fitness as a sport without competition purposes.

Bowling The device consists of ten objects such as bottles, called pin arranged a pin - 2 pin - 3 pin - 4 pin form an equilateral triangle. The ten pin must be imposed by a solid ball that was rolled on a lane called the lane along 60 feet (18, 28m) with a width of 3, 5 feet (1, 07m), on the left and right lane there is a curve like a drain, called Gutter, often spoofed also called a gutter, especially when the bowler is not a boiler-rolling a gutter ball, but fell to the left or right, and yell at the audience like a dervish Robby yelled "Halik, kuaing!" and then kicked the ball into the opponent's goal, "Goooooooot". At a distance of 15 feet (4, 57m) from the position of the bowler are markers that serve as reference in rolling a bowling ball. Bowling can be alone, two, three and so on, but also less convenient if too much, waiting too long and also throws the scoreboard will roll (scrolling), clearly more comfortable seeing scores of all players in a single display screen.

Scoring in bowling game is quite complicated, even for dicongak complicated enough, but you do not have to worry because all had been arranged by machines and computers. In one game there are 10 turns for each player, called a frame. In one frame twice given the opportunity to throw down ten pins. If in a single toss all the pins fall, called the strike and proceed to the next player's turn. If the two throws down all ten pins referred to as a spare. Strike and Spare will be a bonus in the calculation of the next frame, even if the next frame gets a strike or a spare again, the calculation of scores was delayed (not listed on the score screen) and only counted if in a frame in which the bowler does not get a strike or spare, and the calculation bonus will be many times follow a certain formula. In the tenth frame if the first ball bowler gets a strike then there are two bonus toss again (into three balls in the 10th frame), the maximum score in the 10th frame is 30 (three times the strike) and the total score of the game in 10 frames is maximum of 300. In the 10th frame to spare if the bowler gets two throws with a throw-back bonuses are given, a maximum of 20 from the number of spare (10) plus if the strike (10). Here's an example image of the final score after 10 frames is finished playing. A cross (X) is a strike, a slash (/) is a spare, a score of 0 is a sign the ball rolling into the gutter, and a minus sign (-) is the ball rolling until the end of the lane but no pins are falling.

Then, how to roll a bowling ball? Certainly more easily directly performed in a bowling alley. Bowling ball has some size, known as number 7 to dozens, if not one of these numbers indicates the ball weight in pounds. Bowling balls have three holes, one hole for the thumb and two more for the middle finger and ring finger. I own match ball number 10 or 11 but it often gets the size of the hole for the thumb is too narrow. The basic theory is similar to throwing a bowling ball throwing a softball, which uses centrifugal force-uh, what centripetal? - The arms are straight with the axis of the circle in the joints in the shoulder. The difference with pitch softball is played softball almost 360 °, while the bowling ball only 90 °, from position 90 ° swing arm straight into the back of the body, then swung into position at the front and back under the ball is released. If you throw the right hand then the left foot is in front and right leg is shifted to the left to keep his swing straight, but so do not let the ball hit the right ankle. If it is deemed able to throw like the one above, can give a prefix followed by several steps to increase the thrust so that the ball rolled faster and powerful, who has been at the professional level of clever or even almost like running in making the prefix, and even not only roll the ball straight but in-spin, thus giving effect to hit a curve ball rolling pin.

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