Contemporary financial world is one where the risk appears to have become endemic. Currently Europe's debt problems have shed light on the solvency state, not just financial institutions, which has marked a major shift in market focus and think. What equity markets and private sector debt issues and solvency return in 2008 has now been widened to influence nation-states. This raises the stakes, as the state should pay for itself through a balance sheet recession as well, and with so many inter-dependencies between regions, a house of cards is a casino banking has never been more prominent in the collective consciousness.
While reading a recent FT article, 'Haircut leaves the bank exposed to the crisis in the future', we were surprised by some of the statements of Josef Ackermann, chief executive of Deutsche Bank.

What we are primarily concerned about specific suggestions about 'violations of the risk-free asset class'. Never, no, and will never risk-free debt. Thoughts such as lack of grounding in monetary history. Reinhardt and Rogoff noted academics, in their book titled, ironically, 'This Time Is Different', illuminates some unpleasant facts for lenders to sovereign nations and make the argument 'that financial combustions universal rite of passage for emerging market countries and establish '. Combustions thus form part of the process of cleaning the main European players trying to avoid. According to Reinhardt and Rogoff, such as the Greek authorities had 'spent more than half a year since 1800 in default'. The premise of debt 'risk free' is difficult to reconcile with statistics like this and with the background levels of debt.

Deutsche Bank is not alone in having to build an exposure problem to the authorities seem not very solvent, but the debt must be taken into account. Borrowers have to tighten their belts and cough, or the lender must write off the loan.

The Day Count Bill Bonner talks about a 'Great Correction' that we begin to experience and we found a lot of this hypothesis to be interesting. The main markets in the world of credit has been tilted too long and to some extent into the process late adjustments. Some bankers and politicians may be motivated to try and stop the market corrects, they will eventually fail. Capital needs to once again be allocated more efficiently, to the sound growth to be achieved. Mr. Ackermann is deafening shout into a hurricane. The market can do this, and the mountain of debt is taken into account. The definition of 'risk free' has been applied by the creditor is too broad. When you lend to the borrower, your loan assets at the same time some other obligation, expose you to counterparty risk.

This tendency underlies our belief that no mortal, tangible assets like gold and silver bullion that is free from the counterparty. It is for these reasons that the Swiss banking tradition has suggested that the portfolio allocation to gold and silver bullion as a prudent measure intended to act as an insurance policy must disclose the financial world. This allocation to precious metals was established to diversify and to act as the most secure and liquid portfolio eventually someone.

And for the savvy investor, there's never been a more appropriate time to consider diversification strategies proven to be good.

About the Company Real Asset
Real Asset Company was launched by experienced financial professionals to provide investors with a safe and efficient way to invest in physical tangible assets. Assets verified by independent experts, convened by the first independent storage-class partners, and verified through a transparent audit system. Customers directly owns and has control 100% of their assets. By facilitating the exchange of ownership of physical assets of the Company Real Asset is not regulated by the FSA, but by the three pillars of English common law:

• Metropolitan Police Authority is investigating.
• The authority of the prosecution is the UK Crown Prosecution Service is assessing the evidence provided by the investigating authority.
• Criminal Courts of England authority to hear cases of prosecution.

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